About Us

South Miami Heights Elementary School, located on 6.54 acres at 12231 SW 190 Terrace in Miami, Florida, was established in 1959, and is currently comprised of three portable classrooms, 40 regular classrooms, a stand-alone media center and a stand-alone art/music suite. Serving approximately 528 pre-kindergarten through grade five students from a diverse and culturally rich neighborhood, South Miami Heights Elementary is a multi-generational neighborhood school that enjoys the support of area families.

Many of the school’s staff members live in the community providing a continuous and positive link between the school and the community, and have children who attend or attended the school. The instructional staff is made up of 50 teachers with a Bachelor’s degree, 60 teachers who have a Master’s degree, three teachers with a Specialist degree, one teacher with a Doctorate degree and two teachers who are National Board Certified. Additionally, 93 percent of the instructional staff is rated as Highly Qualified in their instructional area.

South Miami Heights Elementary is an “A” School. The school has been recognized multiple times for its award winning Chess program. Participating students represent all grade levels and have repeatedly won team and individual awards at the regional, district and state levels. Our students have been provided with many opportunities to participate in programs with a wide variety of community members including the League of American Cities, the National Park Service, Carnival Cruise Lines, the Miami Dolphins and the Miami-Dade Police and Fire/Rescue departments. Many of the school’s students have been publicly recognized by the Miami-Dade Police department for “Doing the Right Thing.” The school’s fifth graders participate in the DARE program and are recognized for completion of the program at the annual DARE graduation and awards ceremony.